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Can a police training course today be considered both excellent and economical? Absolutely.  For example, Canine Liability 360 is the most comprehensive (and affordable) liability seminar you can attend based on attendee feedback. Being consistent, making good decisions and keeping the proper documenation will limit your liability....
Canine Liability 360 & Canines in the Courtroom
October 3 thru 5 - Carlsbad, California - CLASSES FULL/WAITING LIST
October 18 & 19 - Mountain View, California (CL360 only) - CLASS FULL/WAITING LIST
November 28 thru 30 - Yakima, Washington
December 12 thru 14 - Lakeland, Florida
"Reasons We Get in Trouble"
2 presentations at CNCA Training Institute - January 23-26 - San Diego, CA
xTAC Team retains and utilizes the services and expertise of highly-respected law enforcement and law enforcement-related individuals with various backgrounds to assist its efforts and works with current operators, K9 handlers and team leaders to provide first-class training to prepare for today's deployments, calls for service and supervisory considerations. TAC Team's training philosophy is geared toward reducing risk, limiting liability and staying current with tactics and case law so that each training attendee will be safe and have the proper mindset to prevail in the real world.


(Pictured above: Team members lift police K9 to roof to begin a long line/controlled search for a suspect during a "Tactical K9 Deployments with SWAT" training scenario.)

We know law enforcement training budgets today are tight, restricted, and many are being cut. However, updated and ongoing training must continue, particularly perishable skills and critical tactical tasks. Attorney Martin J. Mayer sent a client memo to police chiefs and sheriffs in California addressing the obligation to provide training to law enforcement officers even when there is a cut back to training funds;


"The duty to train officers is unaffected by reimbursement sources. The lack of funding from outside sources does not, in any way, relieve a department of its obligation to train its officers. The decision to eliminate training programs or reduce the amount of training, based upon the lack of reimbursement sources, would most likely be viewed, by a court, as deliberate indifference to the rights of others."


Training and Consulting [TAC] Team provides contemporary training geared to not only make the job safer, more efficient and to limit liability, but we also provide training that is affordable and reasonable. Be sure to check the sections below regarding "On-Site Training" and "Customized Courses" for additional information.


"Things that go wrong in life are predictable and predictable is preventable."

- Gordon Graham (President, Lexipol)


Courses currently being offered from TAC Team

"Canine Liability 360"

Being consistent, making good decisions and keeping proper documentation will limit your liability and make you a better K9 handler and K9 supervisor.

This class is rated as the most comprehensive liability course now being offered based on attendee feedback! It is recommended for and serves as an essential phase for the K9 handler and K9 supervisor to assist in preparing for their potential “legal defense” and prevailing in the event of a lawsuit by examining TAC Team's “360 Degrees of Responsibility” involving a police service dog assigned to patrol and/or a tactical team. The instructor is Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired) and he openly shares his past and present personal experiences as a handler, K9 supervisor and expert witness.   (Two days, 16 hours)

"Canines in the Courtroom" where Prosecuting Attorney Ted Daus and Sheriff's Deputy Andy Weiman from HITS K-9 Training & Consulting partner up in this powerful eight-hour lecture that will show you how to put all of your hard work and drug dog training efforts on display in the courtroom.  Successful prosecution of drug dog cases hinges on your dog's reliability. If you've worked or supervised a drug dog for any amount of time, you already know how fast the laws are changing for search and seizure and what was illegal yesterday, is being openly smoked today.  Documentation of trainingand courtroom testimony is critical and proper record keeping essential.  This class is offered as an option in conjunction with CL360 when the scheduling of the three instructors allows it.  (One day)

"Canine Liability for Patrol Supervisors" (one-day, 8 hours) is recommended for patrol supervisors, patrol watch commanders and Incident Commanders with zero to minimal knowledge of K9 operations and related policies who are now supervising or may supervise a patrol K9 team in the field to assist in limiting their liability and preparing for a potential "legal defense" in the event of a lawsuit.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR K9 HANDLERS AND K9 SUPERVISORS.

For more information and a schedule of upcoming classes - click on "Canine Liability 360" in the Main Menu.

This class is offered with free tuition allocated for a host agency, organization, association or K9 Unit. Contact Bill Lewis II at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or hosting requirements.

k9 hallway

Photo by Phil Geisler (TAC Team Instructor)

"High Risk K9 Deployments"

This 2-day class is recommended for and offered to K9 handlers, patrol personnel and/or tactical operators from a single agency (closed registration) who want to incorporate more proficient and safer tactical movements into their high risk deployments using a police service dog within a tactical environment with patrol and/or tactical teams. The class will focus on the four critical phases of an operation using a police dog; training, mindset, planning, and deployment. Participants will attend a 3-hour classroom session on the first day followed by practical and scenario-based exercises with their police dog(s).   Offered as a 2-day 20-hour course.

Learning objectives include;

  • K9 team and patrol (or tactical) personnel will work together to locate a hidden suspect during a high risk deployment, demonstrate coordinated team movement, and take a suspect into custody using proper officer safety techniques
  • Participants will learn the tactics and mindset needed to safely enter a room to search for and arrest a high risk suspect with or without a police dog.

This class will include:

  • Planning the mission
  • Scouting the location
  • Cover team responsibilities
  • Communications
  • Tactical liability
  • Training
  • Long line deployment
  • Accidental bites
  • Team movement
  • Approaches, entries and clearings
  • Arrest techniques
  • "Angles and attitudes"
  • Covert & dynamic movement


TAC Team Provides On-Site Training

We can provide on-site training with staff and instructors available to travel to an agency or organization to conduct most of its courses. On-site training hosted by an agency or organization typically saves significant money from the training budget by eliminating many of those costs normally associated with travel, lodging and per diem. Contact us for more information.

TAC Team Provides Customized Courses

We realize every agency does not train the same nor deploy the same as other agencies. The courses offered by TAC Team can be customized and modified to the specifications of an agency with respect to its training standards, policies and deployment procedures. Contact us for more information.



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